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Breathing is the basis of our life. To digest, every gram of digestible food needs two to four grams of oxygen. So we use much more oxygen than food. Without food, we can survive for weeks, without water for a few days, and without oxygen we can survive for maybe ten minutes.
In addition to the physical necessity of breathing, our breathing reflects our feelings, our inner self. We feel joy in the chest area, our breathing is active and relaxed. With anger we put pressure on our breath, and with expressing anger we use a powerful exhalation. With fear we hold our breath. We often hold our breath a little while thinking. In case of stress we breathe more superficially.
Our feelings, conditioning and blockages are directly connected with our breath. By being aware of our breath we can notice, influence, give space and process our feelings, fears, conditioning and blockages. Breathing can perfectly be used for letting go of thoughts, for getting out of thoughts. Physical complaints such as tension and pain can also be relaxed and relieved with breathing.

Method: how does a breath session look like?

In the preliminary interview we discuss your wishes or complaints the first time. Then you lie down on the massage table and you are guided to gently get your attention into your body, you relax a bit. In this state of rest you feel how you breathe and from outside it is also visible. You will then be guided to breathe in other ways. Many techniques are possible. This can be a more relaxing breathing, for example, or a more intense, energetic form, or a combination of both. The approach is cautious and careful, because breathing can evoke not only new feelings and experiences but also anxiety. On the other hand, if you want to and you have gained experience with more intense breathing, this can be a gentle way to approach anxiety, experience it and let it go.
You will come to rest in the final phase, after which you will generally discover that you are particularly relaxed and that you feel very comfortable. The following days the effect will work through, and additional insights can emerge.

In addition to individual breathing sessions, you can also participate in a day of breath.

Is it suitable for you?

Breath therapy is a remedy for the following symptoms: stress, feeling tight, tense throat, fatigue, listlessness, insomnia, pain, uncertainty, difficulty in feeling, emotional processing, mourning, hyperventilation, anxiety, worry.

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