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MER logo Myofascial Energetic Release (MER) is a modern body-oriented therapy for chronic pain and tension complaints. The effects are: greatly diminishing complaints and long-lasting relaxation. Depending on complaints and approach your posture improves, movement restrictions are released, emotions are processed and released, contact with your feeling is restored, and your self-insight increases.

MER was developed by Satyarthi Peloquin. He is an innovator who translated the recent discoveries on new functions of connective tissue into this improved version of body-oriented therapy. MER is broadly applicable, goal oriented. In addition to relaxation it relieves pain effectively. New functions of connective tissue include the transport function (flow of water, nutrients, waste products, oxygen, lymph, healthy nerve signals and blood) and a crucial role in movement and posture.

Pain and tension are maintained by contractions (local cramps, spasms) in muscle and connective tissue. The flow (transport function) is locally inhibited, nerves and blood vessels can also become constricted. Locally, the self-healing ability is hampered. The approach is to gently loosen contractions thus restoring normal flow and self-healing. All kinds of techniques are used for this, such as strokes, stretching, movement, breathwork and bodywork. The cause of the contractions themselves is also identified and addressed. Unprocessed emotions, reaction patterns or traumas can play a role. See More... / Links to find more backgrounds.


After an introductory conversation an inventory follows of the tense spots in your body. This is called body reading. These spots are related to your complaints and their possible causes. An action plan is determined from this. In MER therapy, therapist and client work closely together. Details such as the firmness of the approach are coordinated with the client so that more pain is prevented. It is important to (learn to) feel and indicate your limits. For some clients this is a new skill. Breathwork plays an important role among the techniques indicated above, see Breathe.

A session takes one and a half hours, one session each week or two weeks. The number of sessions depends on the goals thus varies greatly per client.

Is it suitable for you?

MER therapy only works if you are willing to feel your body's signals and emotions, or if you want to learn this. In addition, it is necessary that your reaction patterns or traumas are negotiable.

Chronic pain can also be caused by an illness. To rule this out consult your general practitioner.

Reactions on deep tissue massage and MER therapie

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