Introduction of a relaxation massage

The integrative massage is preferable for getting acquainted with relaxation massage. Next to integrative massage, you can experience other types of relaxation massage in this practice as well, each with its own application and effect.

What are the effects of an Integrative Massage?

"I am completely relaxed! How can that be?"

"For the first time in years I slept well for a week."

"I went completely out of my mind and became deeply relaxed."

"I don't feel pain anymore!"

Woman enjoying a massage

An integrative massage is specially comforting. Your body relaxes and becomes more flexible. Your breathing becomes calm and deep. Your body recovers, and thoughts settle down. Pain disappears partially or completely. You feel much better. You can feel the effects for days.

In addition to the immediate deep relaxing effect, the massage can be a support for people who have a difficult time, emotional, stressful or over-strained.

Method: What is Integrative Massage?

Integrative means that different elements are merged. An Integrative Massage provides a deep, beneficial relaxation of body and mind. This is accomplished by combining three massage techniques into a cherishing full body massage. The techniques are:
Our senses mainly perceive differences. Therefore, the effect of each of the methods is enhanced by alternating between methods.

How does a massage work in practice?

A massage session consists of three parts:
  1. The introduction. We discuss your wishes, questions or com­plaints, and what effects did a previous massage have. We come to a massage proposal.
  2. The massage itself. It lasts for five quarters of an hour. Quiet music supports the atmosphere.
  3. The evaluation. What have you experienced during the massage? What did the masseur notice? All experience can be used for attuning the next time.
Massage oil
A complete massage takes one and a half hour. Also, a shorter massage can be chosen for, for example only of the backside. The intake massage takes a bit longer due to the longer introduction and evaluation.

In order to fully experience the effects three or four massages are recommended. Each time you get more used and feel safer, the effects can reach deeper. For an intuitive massage, taking off clothes is useful because of the massage oil. During the massage you are covered with a large soft warm cloth. The cloth is folded back were the massage is taking place. You decide which clothes you want to take off. It is of the highest importance that you feel totally safe and at ease with this choice.

You can also keep all your clothes on. For the dynamic massage and polarity massage are equally well done. The intuitive massage can be adapted (by not using oil, but by using soft pressure techniques), thus constituting to a beautiful relaxing experience.


Clothing Choose clothes that are easy to take off and put on.
Make-up Make-up can be postponed until after a massage.
After If possible, provide some rest afterwards. In this way the soothing effect can linger longer.
Anxiety Do you find the idea of being massaged scary?
Almost everyone has this the first time. It can be scary to allow someone you don't know in your personal space. You can read in the Reactions that the massage is given with a lot of respect. Furthermore, it is good to talk in advance about fear or sensitivities, so it can be given enough consideration.

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