Overview of all kind of relaxation massages

This page shows an overview of all relaxation massages. Each kind has a short description and the effect explained. For therapy, see MER and Breathe.

Massage Description Effect
Integrative massage A combination of dynamic, intuitive and polarity massage. See Massage / Intro. Deep relaxing, enjoy, let go, mind to rest.
Breath synchronous massage Extra deep relaxation is achieved by synchronizing the massage movements with your breathing. Extra deep relaxation, let go, tranquility.
Head massage Quiet massage of neck, back of the head, forehead and face. The head and mind come to rest.
Belly massage Careful massage of the belly. Relaxing the belly and inner organs.
Back massage Neck - shoulder - back massage, a relief for the most obvious tension areas. Relaxation of muscles and tension knots.
Massage in fetal position
Calm gentle rocking massage, lying on a side with knees raised, head on a pillow. Tender, moving and reassuring.
Dynamic massage A pleasant, tingling full-body rocking massage with the clothes on. Releasing tension, promoting flow.
Hawaiian lomi lomi Beautiful, intense, transforming and festive massage.
It is even more intense in the four-handed form.
Not for beginners. 
Transformation and vitality. Long-lasting effect.
Butterfly massage Gentle, subtle massage with energetic, tranquil and meditative effects. Tranquil relaxation, meditative.
Forearm Massage
Firm massage with forearms and elbows. Feeling relaxed and strengthened, one whole.
Extra long massage A hit: 75+20 minuten pure massage time. Enjoy a longer time.