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The weekly meditations in Best.

Meditation is a way to reflect on yourself, on what you feel, on what is really going on in you. This can be a relief in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The effect is stronger if you meditate in groups.
In Best the team consisting of Albert Cras, Josť van Kollenburg, Mariska Baauw and Ton Kostelijk organise and lead on each Thursday evening two meditations.
The first meditation at 19:00 is suitable for you if you are unfamiliar with meditation.
The second meditation at 20:15 is suitable if you have some experience with meditation.
From April onwards one meditation is given at 19:30.
The address is Batalaan 18, 5684 ZL Best. Participation is free.
Ton Kostelijk leads the following evenings (it can be subject to change):

February 13, 2020
March 12,(cancelled due to Corona)
March 19,
From April 2 onwards one online ZOOM meditatie is given, van 19:30 tot 20:30.

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CD Meditation for beginners

This CD is a guided meditation for beginners (in Dutch).

meditatie CD


The following lecture can be given on request.
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